Benefits of having your own chicken coop in your backyard

Many people keep and raise chicken in their backyards and there are many benefits of raising your own chicken in your very own backyard. To raise the chickens, one will build or buy a chicken coop kit. Many people raise chicken at their home because, the commercial eggs that are sold, contains various types of harmful hormones and chemicals added to them which can cause harm to the health. If you are someone who wants to know the benefits of raising chicken, then you have come across the right article. This article will take a look at some benefits of raising chicken.

What are some benefits of having your own chicken coop?

  • The chickens that are raised in the backyard of our homes are far healthier than the commercial ones. The chickens which are factory farmed, they are kept in small confined areas. The factories also feed unnatural diets to these chickens to increase their egg production. Most of them use variety of antibiotic and hormones as well to lead to the increase in the growth and yield of the chicken eggs in a cheap way. The constricted surrounding adds stress, which affects the nutrients and the taste in the chicken eggs and also the number of eggs that are produced by the chicken.
  • The eggs that are produced by the home raised chicken are more nutritious than that of the factory raised chicken. In fact, the eggs that are produced by the home raised chicken contains more than 25% of vitamin E, more than third vitamin A and more than 75% of beta carotene. Also the home raised chicken eggs contain more omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients help to maintain a healthy body.
  • The eggs that are produced by the home raised chickens are tastier than the eggs which are produced by the factory raised chickens. The long term storage of the eggs in the grocery stores can also affect their tastes due to the fact that the air seeps into the porous shells of the eggs, which affects the consistency and the nutrients as well.
  • Chickens are great for the compost. Due to the high content of nitrogen being present in the chicken poop, it is a great for the compost bin and also the egg shells can be used for the composed bin.
  • Your backyard garden will be most benefitted by the chickens that are raised in the backyard. This is because these chickens that you raise in the backyard will lightly scratch through the soil, looking for the worms and various types of bugs. As the soil is turned around due to the scratching, it will in turn aerate and lead to acceleration of the decomposition process of the soil.


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